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One of my favourite topics is FEED BACK.

It is a powerful tool not only for managers…

There are 2 considerations before you may decide to set up Time for feed-back.

Have you considered the difference between DEVELOPMENT or PERFORMANCE feed-back ?

If the feed-back you are offering addresses skills that are required in the employee’s current role, it is likely performance feed-back.

If the information can be linked to the employee´s future opportunities, reputation or aspiration, The feed-back is development focused.

How can you ensure that sharing feedback is relevant and impactful?

Ask yourself the following questions.

Does the behaviour …
– impact the employee achieving career goals?
– impact the team or department ?
– impact accomplishment of the organisation’s objectives?

If the answers are NO to these questions, think again whether this is a priority right now.

If your answer YES to any of these questions, the Time you invest in talking to this employee will be time well spent for you, the employee and the organization.

Now what’s the best way to deliver feed-back?

There is a feedback strategy, a few communication tips and a process to use for delivering clear, effective feedback.

• Be clear about your intention. Like Socrates’ 3 filters, feedback should be « useful, true and benevolent ».
• Favour benevolence to maintain a constructive relationship.
• Show empathy by adapting your tone, pace and words to the person and the moment of communication.
• Base your feedback on facts and precise observations.
• Prepare your feedback thoughtfully, including constructive suggestions for the future.
• Propose concrete, forward-looking solutions rather than criticising the past. Encourage dialogue if joint solutions are to emerge.
• Express your feelings using the « I » to avoid judgements and interpretations.

A rule of proportion to bear in mind:
• Three assessments for one dissatisfaction.
• Start with the strengths in relation to the skills implemented.
• Continue with options for improvements

Feedback is a valuable communication tool that fosters mutual understanding, personal growth and stronger bonds between individuals.
Well-constructed, well-intentioned feedback enables us to grow as individuals and develop more harmonious relationships with others.

So let’s not be afraid to give and receive feedback, because it’s through these exchanges that we grow together.

Let's work together !

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